family first – wealth management
Strategically coordinates all aspects of your financial life while keeping your family values and goals top priority

Re-defining wealth management

Our world is constantly evolving

The dynamic reality in, which we live in constantly presents faster, more diverse opportunities, investment prospects, diverse risks, and new options for managing wealth. We believe that in order to effectively and properly manage wealth, it is required to combine a unique variety of expertise and skills to keep things up to date, flexible and sophisticated.

Quartet was founded in order to generate the highest value for its clients, while combining the long-time experience and different fields of expertise of its four founders – Providing the most professional service and approach for wealth management in Israel.

Leading the way to true human impact

Ideas, people, technology

We know that the key for true effective wealth management is people, combining abilities and forming meaningful connections. We trust, empower and challenge one another in order to generate improvement and progress for our clients. The ability to think big and react in a fast and thorough manner is crucial for achieving the goals and purposes of our clients and their families. That is why we’re connecting ideas, people, and technologies, encourage creative thinking and lead the way to true human impact.

“Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

Michael Jordan

Quartet team

Co-founder, CEO



Wealth manager and Business development manager

Our services

Our goal and duty is to generate and provide the highest possible values and services for our clients. Following many years of experience, we have created a unique and progressive full coverage program of financial services and solutions, which helps us learn our client’s needs and achive their goals, all while maintaining their and their family’s personal interests – providing them with safety, clarity, and true peace of mind.


Strategic collaborations

Planning and creating collaborations that will support our customers and their goals. Accompaniment and supervision combined with a network of leading professionals in their field who help us serve our clients the best solutions for them.


Family wealth management

Accompanying family members in all financial aspects and making the relevant decisions on these issues. Defining dreams, goals and objectives and building a customized strategy for maintaining and increasing household capital.


Intergenerational wealth transfer

Accurate planning for the purpose of transferring capital between the generations requires legal and tax treatment while maintaining family relationships and financial education for the next generation.


Financial risk management

Planning and maintaining proportionality and balance in the field of financial risks is critical in building the right strategy for maintaining household capital, and for creating significant growth over time.

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